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[Python-Dev] About multiprocessing maintainership

Hello Davin,

I would like this discussion to be constructive and not vindicative.  So
I would ask that we leave personal attacks out of this.

> I have been part of several group discussions (among core developers)
> now regarding how to balance the efforts of contributors with copious
> time to devote versus those which must be extra judicious in how they
> spend their more limited time.

It is a misconception to think that I would have "copious time" to
devote to the bug tracker and general contribution work.  I don't.

Actually, I find I am not responsive enough on such issues when they
fall in my areas of expertise.  For users and contributors, it is
generally demotivating to have to wait several weeks before a response

> A few weeks later, Antoine is "editing me out" of the
> maintainers list without any further communication.

You haven't been "edited out".  You were left in the maintainers list
(really an "experts list"), together with Richard Oudkirk who is the
original author of multiprocessing, but also Jesse Noller and me.

Again, I have found that frequently multiprocessing issues get
neglected.  This is in part because you are auto-assigned on such
issues, and therefore users and other contributors think you'll deal
with the issues, which you don't.

I could not guess by myself that you have been busy working in private
on a feature for the past 1.5 years.  So by all accounts you definitely
seemed to be "inactive" as far as multiprocessing maintenance goes.

My concern is to improve the likelihood of users getting a response on
multiprocessing issues.  One important factor is to be honest to users
who is actually available to respond to issues.

If you have another suggestion as to how act on this, please do.