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[Python-Dev] Sub-interpreters: importing numpy causes hang

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019, 06:34 Stephan Reiter <stephan.reiter at gmail.com wrote:

> Cool. Thanks, Nick!
> I did experiments based on this idea (
> https://github.com/stephanreiter/cpython/commit/3bca91c26ac81e517b4aa22302be1741b3315622)
> and haven't rejected it yet. :-)
> Together with the other fix (
> https://github.com/stephanreiter/cpython/commit/c1afa0c8cdfab862f409f1c7ff02b189f5191cbe),
> numpy at least is happy in my Python-hosting app.

So again, just to make sure you're aware, even if it looks like it's
working right now, there are definitely many subtle ways that numpy will
break when used in a subinterpreter and this configuration is not supported
by the numpy devs. If you discover later that there's some strange crash,
or even that you've been getting incorrect results for months without
noticing, then the numpy devs will be sympathetic but will probably close
your bugs without further investigation.

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