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[Python-Dev] 3.7.2rc1 and 3.6.8rc1 cutoffs ahead, last 3.6.x bugfix release!

19.12.18 19:01, Chris Barker - NOAA Federal via Python-Dev ????:
>> 3.6 is the default Python in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and RHEL 8. And due to several important syntax features it can be a minimal required version for long time.
> Which is a good argument for why we may not need longer term support
> for 3.5, but minimum requirement doesn?t mean we need to support it
> longer term, as the alternative is to upgrade to 3.7 ? and most code
> that works on 3.6 will work on 3.7, yes?

No. There were several minor potentially breaking changes. The most 
famous one is making "async" a keyword. Different libraries were broken 
for different causes, and the end user code can be broken too. AFAIK the 
popular package tensorflow is not 3.7 compatible for today.