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[Python-Dev] 3.7.2rc1 and 3.6.8rc1 cutoffs ahead, last 3.6.x bugfix release!

I?m all for extending the life of 3.6, it sure feels recent to me!

> 3.6 is the default Python in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and RHEL 8. And due to several important syntax features it can be a minimal required version for long time.

Which is a good argument for why we may not need longer term support
for 3.5, but minimum requirement doesn?t mean we need to support it
longer term, as the alternative is to upgrade to 3.7 ? and most code
that works on 3.6 will work on 3.7, yes?

That is ? if you want recent bug fixes, upgrade your Python.

If you have a working 3.6 based system, you only need security fixes, yes?

I fully understand the need to keep a working older system up to date
with security fixes, but I?ve always been confused by the desire to
run an older base system, while still requiring newer subsystems,
whether that?s an older Linux with a newer python, or and older python
with a newer package.


> I merged several PRs before releasing 3.6.8rc1, but there are still less trivial bugfix PRs which need more time for reviewing, and there are bugs for which no PR is created yet. There is also a number of documentation PRs. I propose to allow backporting bugfixes to 3.6 if they do not need excessive work, but stop to fix 3.6 only bugs. After migrating to GitHab, backporting became less painful, most of backports to 3.6 can be done automatically from master or from 3.7.
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