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[Python-Dev] I reverted "Add Windows App Store package" change

On 12/8/2018 11:32 AM, Nick Coghlan wrote:

> Whether the UX counts as "good" or not is open to debate (I consider
> it pretty good for the complexity of the task it handles), but if you
> ever want to revise the history of a complex patch series to make it
> easier for reviewers to follow:
> 1. Use "git rebase --interactive" to squash all the ad hoc commits
> into a single commit
> 2. Use "git reset HEAD^" to unstage that squashed monolithic commit
> 3. Use "git add --patch" to compose a new commit series that takes a
> reviewer through a logical set of changes, rather than the messy
> reality of what actually happened

Thank you for the information.  I am sure I will use it.

> (I have no idea if there are any GUI tools which expose this level of
> commit series editing power, but it exists on the command line, so
> presumably there are graphical equivalents)

On Windows, I use git gui routinely for making commits.  It lists files 
with workspace changes in Unstaged and Staged boxes.  ^T (sTage) and ^U 
(Unstage) moves a hightlighted file to the other one.  A third box shows 
the diff for a highlighted file.  One can also revise the 'last' commit 
(never done this yet).  A fourth box is for entering and editing commit 

Terry Jan Reedy