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[Python-Dev] I reverted "Add Windows App Store package" change

On 12/7/2018 11:31 AM, Victor Stinner wrote:

> I would be simpler if it would be possible to have a "patch serie":
> list of pull requests,

One can make an 'index issue' with multiple dependencies, each with a 
PR.  I do this for multiple independent changes to a module or related 

> or a single PR with multiple commits but don't squash them.

Already possible on Github.  If one clicks [View Changes], multiple 
commits in a PR are combined for display purposes into a net PR diff. 
But the individual commits can be examined and reviewed individually and 
are not squashed into one by github (and should not be by authors) until 
the merge into cpython.

Typically, authors effectively 'squash' all initial changes into one 
commit, make a PR, and only add additional commits in review.  But 
authors *can* split the initial editing into multiple commits with an 
eye to easing review -- and record information for future maintainers.

Simple bugfix example:
<commit 1> Add test to test_mod that fails with TwinkleError.
Posted to issue by Joe Blow.
<commit 2> Make new test pass using the 'underhand' strategy.

The split above is not really necessary, but PR 10245 squashed changes 
to 52 files of 15 file types into one initial commit.


View Files displays them alphabetically.  Jump to ... lists them in the 
same order, but includes the functions changed, so it is hundreds of lines.

I think this PR would have benefited from having perhaps 10 or more 
initial commits, each with a comment about the group of files included. 
In icon commit could have said something about the source and purpose of 
the added icon files.  One commit could have included the venv and test 
changes that you want to review.  An added message, as long as needed, 
could have explained these particular changes.

Terry Jan Reedy