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[Python-Dev] I reverted "Add Windows App Store package" change

> On 07Dec2018 0716, Steve Dower wrote:
> > It didn't break all Windows buildbots.
> >
> > That said, it's totally my fault for merging and then not watching. Also
> > for not submitting custom builds to all the buildbots (Can we still do
> > that? I'm not seeing any UI right now... I did run a number of test
> > release builds on the release machine, so I knew that was going to be okay.)

As to the breakage on my buildbot
(https://buildbot.python.org/all/#/workers/12), it seems to be caused
by not having VS2017 (my guess due to missing C++ headers).  Unless
something has changed recently, the guides still state the building
with VS2015 is OK and I would like to keep my buildbot testing at the
*minimum* required components for building (hence the VS9.0 builder)
to keep us honest with any changes.

I have no problem adding VS2017 for newer Python versions, but I think
is build scripts always chose the latest version of the build tools
thus making testing with older toolsets impossible.

Jeremy Kloth