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[Python-Dev] any way to subscribe to bugs and PRs on a particular topic?

On 12/4/2018 2:13 PM, Chris Withers wrote:
> Hello,

Welcome back.  unittest.mock is important for everyone writing 
non-trivial tests.

> I'd like to see if I can help with unittest.mock, but don't have a huge 
> amount of bandwidth and can't even parse let alone process the whole 
> firehose of bpo and GH PRs.
> Is there? any way I can get bugs.python.org and github PRs to only tell 
> me about things, preferably by email, that affect or involve unittest.mock?

Tracker: Edit https://devguide.python.org/experts/ to add yourself as 
expert for unittest.mock and you will see such issues if the OP or 
triager types 'unittest.mock' in the nosy field and clicks the list.

Note: consider adding yourself also as unittest and Misc - testing expert.

Certain people, such as Zach Ware, can make nosy listing automatic upon 
a selection of a component, such as 'testing'.

Every Friday, a list of new issues for the last week is posted here 
(pydev).  It does not take too long to scan +-50 titles.

PRs. In the repository, add a line to .github/CODEOWNERS (which starts 
with instructions) so you are notified whenever a PR touches 
Lib/unittest/mock.py.  From other example, it seem that the following 
might work (but I am not an expert on this).

@@/*unittest*/*mock*                     <github name>

Terry Jan Reedy