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[Python-Dev] Inclusion of lz4 bindings in stdlib?

Le 29/11/2018 ? 17:25, Steve Dower a ?crit?:
> My experience is that the first group would benefit from a larger 
> _standard distribution_, which is not necessarily the same thing as a 
> larger stdlib.
> I'm firmly on the "smaller core, larger distribution" side of things, 
> where we as the core team take responsibility for the bare minimum 
> needed to be an effective language and split more functionality out to 
> individual libraries.

We may ask ourselves if there is really a large difference between a
"standard distribution" and a "standard library".  The primary
difference seems to be that the distribution is modular, while the
stdlib is not.

As for reviews and CI, though, we would probably want a standard
distribution to be high-quality, so to go through a review process and
be tested by the same buildbot fleet as the stdlib.