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[Python-Dev] C API changes

On 2018-11-27 00:08, Larry Hastings wrote:
> On 11/23/18 5:15 AM, Armin Rigo wrote:
>> Also FWIW, my own 2 cents on the topic of changing the C API: let's
>> entirely drop ``PyObject *`` and instead use more opaque
>> handles---like a ``PyHandle`` that is defined as a pointer-sized C
>> type but is not actually directly a pointer.  The main difference this
>> would make is that the user of the API cannot dereference anything
>> from the opaque handle, nor directly compare handles with each other
>> to learn about object identity.  They would work exactly like Windows
>> handles or POSIX file descriptors.
> Why would this be better than simply returning the pointer? Sure, it 
> prevents ever dereferencing the pointer and messing with the object, it 
> is true.? So naughty people would be prevented from messing with the 
> object directly instead of using the API as they should.? But my 
> understanding is that the implementation would be slightly 
> slower--there'd be all that looking up objects based on handles, and 
> managing the handle namespace too.? I'm not convinced the nice-to-have 
> of "you can't dereference the pointer anymore" is worth this runtime 
> overhead.
> Or maybe you have something pretty cheap in mind, e.g. "handle = pointer 
> ^ 49"?? Or even "handle = pointer ^ (random odd number picked at 
> startup)" to punish the extra-naughty?
An advantage would be that objects could be moved to reduce memory