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[Python-Dev] C API changes

Armin Rigo wrote:
> The C API would change a lot, so it's not reasonable to do that in the
> CPython repo.  But it could be a third-party project, attempting to
> define an API like this and implement it well on top of both CPython
> and PyPy.  IMHO this might be a better idea than just changing the API
> of functions defined long ago to make them more regular (e.g. stop
> returning borrowed references); by now this would mostly mean creating
> more work for the PyPy team to track and adapt to the changes, with no
> real benefits.

I like this idea.  For example, when writing two versions of a C module,
one that uses CPython internals indiscriminately and another that uses
a "clean" API, such a third-party project would help.

I'd also be more motivated to write two versions if I know that the
project is supported by PyPy devs.

Do you think that such an API might be faster than CFFI on PyPy?

Stefan Krah