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[Python-Dev] Get a running instance of the doc for a PR.

On 11/04, Ned Deily wrote:
>On Nov 4, 2018, at 10:12, Stephane Wirtel <stephane at wirtel.be> wrote:
>> 3. On this after-noon, I have reviewed a PR, and I was in the same case,
>> download the PR, build python, compile the doc and run the local server.
>> My workflow is the following steps:
>> git wpr XYZ
>> cd ../cpython-XYZ
>> ./configure --prefix=$PWD-build --with-pydebug --silent
>> make -j 4 -s
>> make PYTHON=../python -C Doc/ venv
>> make -C Doc/ check suspicious html serve
>> and run the browser on http://localhost:8000/ and check the result.
>To address one point, there's no need to run a web server to review the
>docs.  The generated docs can be viewed directly by any modern web
>browser by opening one of the files in the web browser's file menu.  Or
>perhaps easier, you can click on any of the generated html files; or on
>macOS you can use the open(1) command from the shell to open and view
>in the default web browser.
>$ open build/html/index.html
Ned, I agree with you about this point, but there is an advantage when
you use localhost:8000, you only have one entrypoint. And when you
switch between many PR, you just have to execute the make -C Doc/ serve
command (because in my workflow and with the full URI, the path can
change in function of the PR, I use git worktree for each PR).

But yep, I am +1 for firefox build/html/index.html
>  Ned Deily
>  nad at python.org -- []

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