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[Python-Dev] Get a running instance of the doc for a PR.

There is an open request for this on GH, but it's not currently done:

At the PyCon US sprints this year, we added documentation previews via
netlify, and they have been super useful:
https://github.com/pypa/setuptools/pull/1367 My understanding is that
other projects do something similar with CircleCI.

It's not amazingly /difficult/ for reviewers to fetch the submitter's
branch, build the documentation and review it locally, but it's a decent
number of extra steps for what /should/ be a very simple review. I think
we all know that reviewer time and effort is one of the biggest
bottlenecks in the CPython development workflow, and this could make it
/much/ easier to do reviews.

Some of the concerns about increasing the surface area I think are a bit
overblown. I haven't seen any problems yet in the projects that do this,
and I don't think it lends itself to abuse particularly
well.//Considering that the rest of the CI suite lets you run arbitrary
code on many platforms, I don't think it's particularly more dangerous
to allow people to generate ephemeral static hosted web sites as well.



On 11/4/18 11:28 AM, Alex Walters wrote:
> Doesn't read the docs already do this for pull requests?  Even if it doesn't, don't the core maintainers of read the docs go to pycon?  I wouldn't suggest read the docs for primary docs hosting for python, but they are perfectly fine for live testing pull request documentation without having to roll our own.
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>> Hi all,
>> When we receive a PR about the documentation, I think that could be
>> interesting if we could have a running instance of the doc on a sub
>> domain of python.org.
>> For example, pr-10000-doc.python.org or whatever, but by this way the
>> reviewers could see the result online.
>> The workflow would be like that:
>> New PR -> build the doc (done by Travis) -> publish it to a server ->
>> once published, the PR is notified by "doc is available at URL".
>> Once merged -> we remove the doc and the link (hello bedevere).
>> I am interested by this feature and if you also interested, tell me.
>> I would like discuss with Julien Palard and Ernest W.  Durbin III for a
>> solution as soon as possible.
>> Have a nice day,
>> St?phane
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