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[Python-Dev] Get a running instance of the doc for a PR.

On 11/04, Julien Palard wrote:
>Considering feedback from Ned, what about building this as an
>independent service? We don't really need to interface with python.org
>at all, we just need some hardware, a domain, some code to interface
>with github API and... to start it's probably enough? It would be a
>usefull POC.

We have 2 options

1. We keep a domain (python.org, or another one) and for each build we would have a subdomain for
each build by PR.

2. We could store on domain but with a subdirectory by PR

In travis, I think we have the PR info, we could use it and upload to
the server for the live preview.

Once merged, we drop the temporary doc on the server.


>Julien Palard

St?phane Wirtel - https://wirtel.be - @matrixise