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[Python-Dev] Rename Include/internals/ to Include/pycore/

Le ven. 2 nov. 2018 ? 18:32, Neil Schemenauer <nas-python at arctrix.com> a ?crit :
> A simple approach would be to introduce something like
> Python-internal.h.  If you are a Python internal unit, you can
> include both Python.h and Python-internal.h.  We could, over time,
> split Python-iternal.h into smaller modular includes.

Since this discussion, I already moved most Py_BUILD_CORE in
Include/internal/. I added a lot of #include "pycore_xxx.h" in C

I started to reach the limit with this PR which adds the
pycore_object.h include to not less than 33 C files:

I rewrote this PR to avoid the need to modify 33 C files:

I added the following code to Python.h:

#ifdef Py_BUILD_CORE
/* bpo-35081: Automatically include pycore_object.h in Python.h, to avoid
to have to add an explicit #include "pycore_object.h" to each C file. */
# include "pycore_object.h"

I'm not sure of it's a temporary workaround or not :-) Maybe a
Python-internal.h would be a better solution? We can identify the most
common header files needed to access "Python internals" and put them
in this "common" header file.

For example, most C files using Python internals have to access
_PyRuntime global variable (55 C files), so "pycore_state.h" is a good

By the way, I don't understand the rationale to have _PyRuntime in
pycore_state.h. IMHO pycore_state.h should only contain functions to
get the Python thread and Python interpreter states. IMHO _PyRuntime
is unrelated and should belong to a different header file, maybe
pycore_runtime.h? I didn't do this change yet *because* I would have
to modify the 55 files currently including it.