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[Python-Dev] Rename Include/internals/ to Include/pycore/

Le mar. 30 oct. 2018 ? 02:59, Benjamin Peterson <benjamin at python.org> a ?crit :
> > To me, it seems wrong that a function or macro defined in
> > Include/objimpl.h requires an explicit #include "internal/pystate.h".
> > objimpl.h should be self-sufficient.
> I agree. I would say nothing in Include/*.h should be including Include/internal/*.h. We should move things into the "public" headers as required to fix this.

Hum. It seems like I'm trying to fix too many issues at the same time,
and I'm confused by different constraints which may be incompatible.

I started to cleanup and fix header files with the most
"straightforward" changes:

I will see later if Include/internal/ still has to be rename or moved
(Serhiy Storchaka proposed to move internal/*.h header files out of
the Include/ directory, I'm not sure that it's really needed).