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[Python-Dev] AIX to stable, what does that take?


First of all, congratulations on passing all test on AIX.

> My assumption is that it needs to (at least) pass all tests - and that
> is why I keep asking for attention. All the PRs to fix individual tests
> mean less if they are not merged, for whatever reason.
> However, maybe there is another way, or even something additional
> needed. Maybe something I cannot provide and then I can adjust my
> expectations and goals.

As a one of core developer, I don't know anything about AIX.
If my change breaks AIX build, I can't investigate what's happened.

So I think we need following in devguide:

* Brief description about AIX, from developer's point of view.
* How to run AIX on (VirtualBox, AWS EC2, Azure, GCP) easily.
* How to set up a development environment for Python.
* How to build Python.
* How to debug C code.

And even though there is a developer guide, it will take more long time
than fixing issues on AIX, compared Linux, macOS, and Windows.

But without this guide, it feels almost impossible to maintain AIX build to me.


INADA Naoki  <songofacandy at gmail.com>