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[Python-Dev] Accessing mailing list archives

hi all,

I've been trying to figure out how to access the archives programmatically.
I'm sure this is easy once you know, but googling various things hasn't
worked.  What I want to do is graph the number of messages about PEP 572 by
time.  (or has someone already done that?)

I installed GNU Mailman, and downloaded the gzip'ed archives for a number
of months and unzipped them, and I suspect that there's some way to get
them all into a single database, but it hasn't jumped out at me.  If I
count the "Message-ID" lines, the "Subject:" lines, and the "\nFrom " lines
in one of those text files, I get slightly different numbers for each.

Alternatively, they're maybe *already* in a database, and I just need API
access to do the querying?  Can someone help me out?

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