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[Python-Dev] Using Python on a fork-less POSIX-like OS

Supporting a new platform requires a lot work. It would be more reasonable
for you to first try to get a good support of the master branch before
start thinking how to support Python versions.

Python 2.7 in 2018? Really? Tick tock:

Usually, we don't support new platforms in CPython without strong support
of a core developer. See the PEP 11 for more conditions like buildbot
requirement. I suggest you to start working on a fork of CPython and
maintain your changes in a branch. Git rebase makes it easy.


Le lundi 30 juillet 2018, Barath Aron <baratharon at caesar.elte.hu> a ?crit :
> On 07/30/2018 10:23 AM, Victor Stinner wrote:
>> Python 3.8 will support os.posix_spawn(). I would like to see it used
whenever possible instead of fork+exec, since it's faster and it can be
safer on some platforms. Pablo Salgado is your guy for that.
>> Victor
> Awesome! Will this backported to 2.7? Or people should forget 2.7?
> Aron
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