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[Python-Dev] Using Python on a fork-less POSIX-like OS

Hello Python list,

I intend to cross-compile Python v3.6.6 to Threos ( https://threos.io ) 
operating system. Threos is supports a quite large set from POSIX and 
C89/C99. Unfortunately, Threos lacks fork(2), but provides 
posix_spawn(3) instead. I already made some local changes in 
posixmodule.c to compile due to some features are detected as present 
but actually not supported, like HAVE_FORK -- I blame autotools for this 
:-). I don't know, however, whether the Python shall cross-compile 
without issues.

My question is that the _posixsubprocess.c can be prepared to use 
posix_spawn(3) instead of fork(2)? Maybe the UNIX/Linux version can also 
benefit from it, see:

Best regards,