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[Python-Dev] please help triage VSTS failures

On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 1:13 PM, Steve Dower <steve.dower at python.org> wrote:
> According to the VSTS dev team, an easy ?rerun this build? button and
> filtering by changed paths are coming soon, which should clean things up.

If you're talking to them, please ask them to make sure that the
"rerun this build" button doesn't erase the old log. (That's what it
does on Travis. Appveyor is better.) The problem is that when you have
a flaky/intermittent failure, your todo list is always (a) rerun the
build so at least it's not blocking whatever this unrelated change is,
(b) file some sort of bug, or comment on some existing bug, and link
to the log to help track down the intermittent failure. If you click
the "rebuild" button on Travis, then it solves (a), while deleting the
information you need for (b) ? and for rare intermittent bugs you
might not have much information to go on besides that build log.


Nathaniel J. Smith -- https://vorpus.org