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[Python-Dev] [python-committers] FINAL WEEK FOR 3.7.0 CHANGES!

17.05.18 21:39, Brett Cannon ????:
> Maybe we should start thinking about flagging PRs or issues as needing 
> a What's New entry to help track when they need one, or always expect 
> it in a PR and ignore that requirement when a 'skip whats new' label 
> is applied. That would at least make it easier to keep track of what 
> needs to be done.

The requirement of flagging PRs or issues as needing a What's New entry 
doesn't differ in principle from the requirement of creating a What's 
New entry for these changes. The latter is good, and I'm trying always 
create a What's New entry for significant enhancement or potentially 
breaking change. And even I sometimes is unsure and don't document some 
important changes (like in issue30399). Needed a look of yet one pair of 

As for requiring a What's New entry by default and introducing a 'skip 
whats new' label, I suppose this will add much nuisance. Most PRs 
(except docs and tests changes) need a news entry, but most PRs don't 
need a What's New entry because their are bug fixes. Therefore a 'skip 
whats new' label will be required much more times than 'skip news' or 
'skip issue' labels.

A thing that can help is a tool that makes a structural diff between 
NEWS files for different versions and between different branches. It 
will filter out bugfix changes. The simple 'diff' is not well 
appropriate because entries can be in different order, and news entries 
now are scattered between several files, and news entries for previous 
version sometimes should be searched in different files, and sometimes 
should be searched on a different branch. The text of entries in 
different versions can also be different because the same issue can 
change the behavior on the master and backport the part of changes as a 

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