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[Python-Dev] [python-committers] FINAL WEEK FOR 3.7.0 CHANGES!

Elvis has been working on the What?s New doc at the sprints this week. He should be checking in his edits soon.  Stay tuned!

    Ned Deily
    nad at python.org -- []

> On May 17, 2018, at 14:31, Serhiy Storchaka <storchaka at gmail.com> wrote:
> 15.05.18 14:51, Ned Deily ????:
>> This is it! We are down to THE FINAL WEEK for 3.7.0! Please get your
>> feature fixes, bug fixes, and documentation updates in before
>> 2018-05-21 ~23:59 Anywhere on Earth (UTC-12:00). That's about 7 days
>> from now. We will then tag and produce the 3.7.0 release candidate.
>> Our goal continues been to be to have no changes between the release
>> candidate and final; AFTER NEXT WEEK'S RC1, CHANGES APPLIED TO THE 3.7
>> BRANCH WILL BE RELEASED IN 3.7.1. Please double-check that there are
>> no critical problems outstanding and that documentation for new
>> features in 3.7 is complete (including NEWS and What's New items), and
>> that 3.7 is getting exposure and tested with our various platorms and
>> third-party distributions and applications. Those of us who are
>> participating in the development sprints at PyCon US 2018 here in
>> Cleveland can feel the excitement building as we work through the
>> remaining issues, including completing the "What's New in 3.7"
>> document and final feature documentation. (We wish you could all be
>> here.)
> The "What's New in 3.7" document is still not complete. Actually it is far completing. In the previous releases somebody made a thoughtful review of the NEWS file and added all significant changes in What's New, and also removed insignificant entries, reorganized entries, fixed errors, improved wording and formatting. Many thanks to Martin Panter, Elvis Pranskevichus, Yury Selivanov, R. David Murray, Nick Coghlan, Antoine Pitrou, Victor Stinner and others for their great work! But seems in 3.7 this documents doesn't have an editor.