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[Python-Dev] What is the rationale behind source only releases?

16.05.18 07:35, Alex Walters ????:
> In the spirit of learning why there is a fence across the road before I tear
> it down out of ignorance [1], I'd like to know the rationale behind source
> only releases of cpython.  I have an opinion on their utility and perhaps an
> idea about changing them, but I'd like to know why they are done (as opposed
> to source+binary releases or no release at all) before I head over to
> python-ideas.  Is this documented somewhere where my google-fu can't find
> it?

Taking a snapshot of sources at the random point of time is dangerous. 
You can get broken sources. Making a source only release means that 
sources are in consistent state, most buildbots are green, and core 
developers made necessary changes and stopped merging risky changes for 
some period before the release.

The difference with source+binary releases is that latter adds 
additional burden to release managers: building binaries and installers 
on different platforms and publishing results on the site.