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[Python-Dev] Python startup time

Le 14/05/2018 ? 19:12, INADA Naoki a ?crit?:
> I'm sorry, the word *will* may be stronger than I thought.
> I meant if memory image dumped on disk is used casually,
> it may make easier to make security hole.
> For example, if `hg` memory image is reused, and it can be leaked in some
> way,
> hg serve will be hashdos weak.

This discussion subthread is not about having a memory image dumped on
disk, but a daemon utility that preloads a new Python process when you
first start up your CLI application.  Each time a new process is
preloaded, it will by construction use a new hash seed.

(by contrast, the Node.js CVE issue you linked to is about having the
same hash seed accross a Node.js version; that's disastrous)

Also you add a reuse limit to ensure that the hash seed is rotated (e.g.
every 100 invocations).