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[Python-Dev] Slow down...

On 2018-05-07 19:49, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> Would it be reasonable to request a 10 year moratorium on making changes 
> to the core Python language,
> and for the next 10 years only focus on things that do not require core 
> language changes,
> such as improving/bugfixing existing libraries, writing new libraries, 
> improving tooling, improving infrastructure (PyPI),
> improving performance, etc., etc.?
> There are still many companies still stuck on Python 2, so giving 10 
> years of breathing room
> for these companies to catch up to Python 3 core language, even past 
> 2020 would be very helpful.

I don't see how a 10 year moratorium will help those still on Python 2, 
given that Python 2.7 has been around for almost 8 years already, by 
2020 it will have been 10 years, and it was made clear that it would be 
the last in the Python 2 line.