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[Python-Dev] Python startup time

On Wed, May 2, 2018, at 09:42, Gregory Szorc wrote:
> The direction Mercurial is going in is that `hg` will likely become a Rust
> binary (instead of a #!python script) that will use an embedded Python
> interpreter. So we will have low-level control over the interpreter via the
> C API. I'd also like to see us distribute a copy of Python in our official
> builds. This will allow us to take various shortcuts, such as not having to
> probe various sys.path entries since certain packages can only exist in one
> place. I'd love to get to the state Google is at where they have
> self-contained binaries with ELF sections containing Python modules. But
> that requires a bit of very low-level hacking. We'll likely have a Rust
> binary (that possibly static links libpython) and a separate JAR/zip-like
> file containing resources.

I'm curious about the rust binary. I can see that would give you startup time benefits similar to the ones you could get hacking the interpreter directly; e.g., you can use a zipfile for everything and not have site.py. But it seems like the Python-side wins would stop there. Is this all a prelude to incrementally rewriting hg in rust? (Mercuric oxide?)