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[Python-Dev] Drop/deprecate Tkinter?

On 2018-05-02 22:56, Josh Stephens wrote:
> Hello list,
>  ? If I may voice my opinion I would like to say that I just built an
> application using Tkinter using python3. I used it because it was
> included in python by default and I didn't have to using something
> like PyQT or any other framework that was heavy. While I agree that
> the docs can sometimes be confusing, I am not sure that it warrants
> tossing it out. I am not even sure that my opinion gives much weight
> but I figured I would just toss in a quick here is my vote and my
> story about using Tkinter with SqlAlchemy and Py2App to build a native
> Mac OS X app as of last month.
I have a few applications that use tkiner. Whilst it has its 
limitations, it's too useful to throw out.

It's a battery, not a power station, but batteries have their uses.