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[Python-Dev] Backfilling 'awaiting' labels

I have written a script that will go through and backfill the 'awaiting'
label on older pull requests based on the review state as it stands today.
A comment will be left if an "awaiting changes" label is set explaining
that we're backfilling and if you're ready for a change review then leave
the magical comment to trigger Bedevere.

My plan is to limit this to only 20 total comments within a day so at to
not overwhelm any single person with notifications. I will also run this
script manually so there's no guarantee this will even occur every day.

Assuming that 20 comment/day limit seems reasonable to people I will
probably do the inaugural run tomorrow which will add an 'awaiting label'
to 158 issues (which should be more than half of the issues lacking an
'awaiting' label).
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