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[Python-Dev] 3.7.0b1 status

Just a quick update: thanks to all of you who worked long hours to get features completed and merged in for the 3.7 feature code cutoff yesterday.  We release elves have been busy behind the scenes baking goodies.  So far everything looks OK.  But we're taking a little longer than usual: this is, in many ways, the most complicated milestone of the release cycle, since it involves creating a new release branch and other munging, and this is the first time we are doing this since we moved to our new git-based workflow last year and we want to get it right.  We will have everything done and announced in not more than 24 hours from now.  If you wish, feel free to merge new commits into the master branch for release in 3.8, with the understanding that any also destined for 3.7.0 will need to be cherrypicked after the 3.7 branch is available.  Other branches (3.6, 2.7) are unaffected.

Thanks for your patience!

  Ned Deily
  nad at python.org -- []