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[Python-Dev] OS-X builds for 3.7.0

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 7:08 PM, Matt Billenstein <matt at vazor.com> wrote:

> OSX is in a sad state linking to system libs on the later releases -- maybe
> 10.11 and on, not sure of the exact release -- they stopped shipping the
> headers for things like ssl and ffi since they don't want 3rd parties
> linking
> to deprecated versions of those libraries versus, in the case of ssl, their
> newer security framework.  Recommendation is to bundle what you need if
> you're
> not using the framework -- something to think about.

There are also some practical issues with trying to distribute software
using some deprecated Cocoa APIs or weak linked syscalls. The pythonmac-sig
thead I linked to earlier has pointers to how to flare those up if one ever
needs to distribute Python to a specific macOS version target range while
compiling on a newer macOS.

It would be nice to do more things the Apple way, including porting to
modern runtime feature availability check cascades of the Cocoa APIs and
using the Apple provided system Frameworks. This seems like a rather major
workload and should be targeting 3.8. I'm willing to participate in that

The availability of syscalls across targets when cross-compiling for an
older target is a more generic build system problem and I'm not sure if
Python should do anything other than just document it being a thing. I'm
personally fine patching pyconfig.h after running the configure script for
this special case.

As suggested on pythonmac-sig, I'd like to see 10.11 get chosen as the
macOS to build on as it provides a decent balance between hardware
compatibility and being new(er).

Joni Orponen
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