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[Python-Dev] Slow down...

Serhiy Storchaka <storchaka at gmail.com> writes:

> 09.05.18 07:25, Steven D'Aprano ????:
> > If we could look forward to 2028, when we're running Python 3.14 or so
> > (4.7 if you prefer), how many fantastic language features that we cannot
> > bear to give up would we be missing out on?
> Like tab-delimited tables.

Cheeky :-)

(For those who are not closely following comp.lang.python, I am pretty
sure Serhiy is wryly referring to an ongoing thread in that forum.
Someone is arguing that Python should grow a U+0009-delimited syntax for
tabular data, and quickly demonstrated a lack of interest in the familir
reasons why this is a bad idea. The thread is already past the point of
calm discussion, so I am not linking to it because it's not worth wading

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