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[Python-Dev] Slow down...

07.05.18 16:50, Joao S. O. Bueno ????:
> May it is important to note that
> Python 3.7 already has very little syntactic changes.
> Actually, there are no new syntac changes with PEP 563 -
> (Postponed Evaluation of Annotations) being maybe
> the only change to existing behavior, and PEP 562 as new
> "non-library-dependent"  feature, even though no new syntax is
> added. (contextvars - PEP 567 - is a big change, but is constrained to
> a new stdlib module).

It looks to me that Python 3.7 may cause the largest breakage since 3.2 
because of "async". It is pretty popular name for arguments, attributes 
and methods. Many third-party projects needed to fix this now (despites 
it was deprecated since 3.5). Many third-party projects depends on 
libraries which needed the "async" fix for 3.7.

But in general this breakage is very small. It just looks larger than in 
previous versions.