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[Python-Dev] GH-NNNN vs #NNNN in merge commit

-1 on using magic words in comments rather than the normal UI.

Perhaps one of the bots could post a reminder at a time when it makes sense? All checks passed, maybe?

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From: Brett Cannon
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 6:01
To: Berker Peksa?
Cc: Python Dev
Subject: Re: [Python-Dev] GH-NNNN vs #NNNN in merge commit

On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 at 10:51 Berker Peksa? <berker.peksag at gmail.com> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 9:38 PM, Mariatta Wijaya
<mariatta.wijaya at gmail.com> wrote:
>> That would be best solution (I think it would solve
>> https://github.com/python/miss-islington/issues/16 too) but it's more
>> complicated than the extension idea :) I have some time work on it if
>> you'd like to implement the mergebot idea.
> +1 for the mergebot! :)
> New bot or miss-islington's new job?
> Still +1 either way, as long as other core devs are fine with it too :)

I'm not familiar with miss-islington's codebase. Can we reuse some
parts of miss-islington in the new bot? If we can, let's implement it
in miss-islington (perhaps as a new mode?)

I would assume it would just go into miss-islington, but before we get ahead of ourselves and design this we need to get consensus that people like the overall idea of using a bot to do a main commits as well. 

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