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[Python-Dev] Bugs Migration to OpenShift

Does it mean that the final switch will happen during the sprints?
Would it be possible to do it before or after? If bugs.python.org
doesn't work during the sprint, it will be much harder to contribute
to CPython during the sprints.

(If I misunderstood, ignore my message :-))


2018-04-29 19:07 GMT+02:00 Mark Mangoba <mmangoba at python.org>:
> Hi All,
> We?re planning to finish up the bugs.python.org migration to Red Hat
> OpenShift by May 14th (US Pycon Sprints).  For the most part
> everything will stay same, with the exception of cleaning up some old
> URL?s and redirects from the previous hosting provider:  Upfront
> Software.
> We will post a more concrete timeline here by May 1st, but wanted to
> share this exciting news to move bugs.python.org into a more stable
> and optimal state.
> Thank you all for your patience and feedback.  A special thanks to
> Maciej Szulik and Red Hat for helping the PSF with this project.
> Best regards,
> Mark
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