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[Python-Dev] Soliciting comments on the future of the cmd module (bpo-33233)

On Sat, 7 Apr 2018 at 11:50 Chris Barker - NOAA Federal <
chris.barker at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Is bringing cmd2 into the standard library an option to be considered?

Anything can be considered. ;)

> That water get included batteries and a more featurefull and supported lib.
> It seems (on python-ideas) that people are often told, when they have
> a suggestion for the stdlib, that they put it on pypi and see if it
> gains usage, etc, and it it proves useful and popular, maybe then it
> could be brought in. That seems to be the case here.
> I understand that it only makes sense if the cmd2 developers want to
> support it and are willing to accept the responsibilities and
> restrictions that come with being in the core, but it?s worth asking.

First I think we need to ask ourselves whether we would even want a module
like cmd in the stdlib today. It's 26 years old, so it was added back when
Guido has admitted the bar for entry was much lower. If we wouldn't add the
module today, then there's no need to bring in a replacement.

Plus we have instances in the stdlib where we brought it in with the
maintainer becoming a core dev, and then they step away and no one picks
the module up going forward. So I would argue that even if we thought we
would add the cmd module today that we shouldn't bring it in unless we have
at least 2 people in total willing to list themselves in the experts index
for that module (preferably 3 people so we're never down to just one person
when someone takes a break).
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