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[Python-Dev] Soliciting comments on the future of the cmd module (bpo-33233)

On 2018-04-07, 00:13 GMT, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> Just in the last week, I've been reminded twice that many 
> people using Python do so where they cannot just arbitarily 
> pip install <whatever>, and if a library isn't in the std lib, 
> they can't use it without a lot of pain:

100% agree + one of the great advantages of Python is that the 
batteries actually are included and we are not forcing users to 
download one of twenty competing unstable versions somewhere on 
GitHub (I won't name any competing languages here).

Also, I don't see a problem with having one more mature, slower 
version of library in the standard library, while the more alive 
version is still being developed from time to time rebasing the 
stdlib version (I thought, unittest was one such example.)

Also, considering requests, I am still dreaming about somebody 
writing some requests-like API over the standard library.


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