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[Python-Dev] Are undocumented functions part of the stable ABI?

On 2018-04-04 17:56, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> It would be helpful if you explained the context of your request.

The context is PEP 575. I guess my question is mostly about 
PyCFunction_Check(). I will not be able to keep it 100% backwards 
compatible simply because the goal of that PEP is precisely changing the 
classes of some objects.

Now the question is: am I allowed to change the implementation of 
PyCFunction_Check()? If it's considered part of the stable ABI, then the 
answer is immediately "no".

By the way, does anybody happen to know why the PyCFunction_* functions 
are undocumented? Is it just an oversight in the docs or is it intentional?

But regardless of the context, I think that the question "Are 
undocumented functions part of the stable ABI?" should be answered in 
PEP 384.