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[Python-Dev] Status of PEP 3145 - Asynchronous I/O for subprocess.popen

On 3/28/2014 12:45 PM, Josiah Carlson wrote:
> If it makes you feel any better, I spent an hour this morning building a
> 2-function API for Linux and Windows, both tested, not using ctypes, and
> not even using any part of asyncio (the Windows bits are in msvcrt and
> _winapi). It works in Python 3.3+. You can see it here:
> http://pastebin.com/0LpyQtU5

Thank you. The docs gave me the impression that I could simply write 
proc.stdin and read proc.stdout. I failed with even a simple echo server 
(on Windows) and your code suggests why. So it does not get lost, I 
attached your code to


My interest is with Idle. It originally ran user code in the same 
process as the Shell and Editor code. Then Guido added an option to 
os.spawn a separate process and communicate through a socket connection 
and the option became the default with same process (requested by -N on 
the command line) as a backup option. 3.2 switched to using subprocess, 
but still with a socket. The problem is that the socket connection 
intermittently fails. Firewalls are, or at least used to be one possible 
cause, but there are others -- unknown. (While it works, the suggestion 
to restart with -N is a mystery to people who have never seen a command 
line.) This is one of the biggest sources of complaints about Idle. A 
pipe connection method that always worked on Windows, *x, and Mac would 
be great in itself and would also allow code simplification by removing 
the -n option. (Roger Serwy has suggested the latter as having two modes 
makes patching trickier.)

The current socket connection must be non-blocking. Even though the exec 
loop part of the Shell window waits for a response after sending a user 
statement, everything else is responsive. One can select text in the 
window, use the menus, or switch to another window. So Idle definitely 
needs non-blocking write and read.

In my ignorance, I have no idea whether the approach in your code or 
that in Viktor's code is better. Either way, I will appreciate any help 
you give, whether by writing, reviewing, or testing, to make 
communication with subprocesses easier and more dependable.

Terry Jan Reedy