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[Python-Dev] C-API functions for reading/writing tstate->exc_* ?

> When compiling for PyPy, Cython therefore needs a way to tell PyPy about
> any changes. For the tstate->curexc_* fields, there are the two functions
> PyErr_Fetch() and PyErr_Restore(). Could we have two similar "official"
> functions for the exc_* fields? Maybe PyErr_FetchLast() and
> PyErr_RestoreLast()?

I wouldn't call the functions *Last, as this may cause confusion with
sys.last_*. I'm also unsure why the current API uses this Fetch/Restore
pair of functions where Fetch clears the variables. A Get/Set pair of
functions would be more natural, IMO (where Get returns "new"
references). This would give PyErr_GetExcInfo/PyErr_SetExcInfo.