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[Python-Dev] PEP 394 request for pronouncement (python2 symlink in *nix systems)

> There are two issues that I know of for OS X.  One is just getting a 
> python2 symlink into the bin directory of a framework build.  That's 
> easy.

Where exactly in the Makefile is that reflected? ISTM that the current
patch already covers that, since the framwork* targets are not concerned
with the bin directory.

> The other is managing symlinks (python, python2, and python3) 
> across framework bin directories; currently there's no infrastructure 
> for that.  That part will probably have to wait until PyCon.

What is the "framework bin directory"? The links are proposed for
/usr/local/bin resp. /usr/bin. The proposed patch already manages
these links across releases (the most recent install wins).

If you are concerned about multiple feature releases: this is not an
issue, since the links are just proposed for Python 2.7 (distributions
may also add them for 2.6 and earlier, but we are not going to make
a release in that direction).

It may be that the PEP becomes irrelevant before it is widely accepted:
if the sole remaining Python 2 version is 2.7, users may just as well
refer to python2 as python2.7.