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[Python-Dev] PEP 572 and assert

[Barry Warsaw]

> Thanks!  I thought it was cute.  It was just something that occurred to me
> as I was reviewing some existing code.  The intent wasn?t to use `subdirs`
> outside of the assert statement, but I?m warm to it because it means I
> don?t have to do wasted work outside of the assert statement, or repeat
> myself in the assert message part.

Because the latter ("repeat myself") is probably more tempting, I'll just
note that the "laziness" of using an assignment expression instead may well
have nudged you toward writing _better_ code too.

   assert len(subdirs := list(path.iterdir())) == 0, subdirs

Assuming the result of list(path.iterdir()) can change over time (seems
very likely),

   assert len(list(path.iterdir())) == 0,  list(path.iterdir())

_could_ end up both triggering and displaying an empty list in the
exception detail.  The assignment-expression version cannot.
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