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[Python-Dev] Micro-benchmarks for function calls (PEP 576/579/580)

The pyperformance benchmark suite had micro benchmarks on function
calls, but I removed them because they were sending the wrong signal.
A function call by itself doesn't matter to compare two versions of
CPython, or CPython to PyPy. It's also very hard to measure the cost
of a function call when you are using a JIT compiler which is able to
inline the code into the caller... So I removed all these stupid
"micro benchmarks" to a dedicated Git repository:

Sometimes, I add new micro benchmarks when I work on one specific
micro optimization.

But more generally, I suggest you to not run micro benchmarks and
avoid micro optimizations :-)


2018-07-10 0:20 GMT+02:00 Jeroen Demeyer <J.Demeyer at ugent.be>:
> Here is an initial version of a micro-benchmark for C function calling:
> https://github.com/jdemeyer/callbench
> I don't have results yet, since I'm struggling to find the right options to
> "perf timeit" to get a stable result. If somebody knows how to do this, help
> is welcome.
> Jeroen.
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