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[Python-Dev] why is not 64-bit installer the default download link for Windows?

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> Why not just have a second button, "Download Python 3.7.0 (64-bit)"
> alongside or below the "Download Python 3.7.0" button? People who
> don't know the difference will just ignore it, people who do will be
> able to choose straight from the main download page.

I think this is the solution.

* If you don't know your architecture, 32-bit will mostly work so should
remain the default (I say most, not all, since there are windows versions
that run on ARM, but I think you can only install software through the store
on those anyways.)

* It's not exposed in the download drop down at all that x64 editions exist
for those who know they want it.  The drop down is wide enough to support a
second download button.

> Paul
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