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[Python-Dev] why is not 64-bit installer the default download link for Windows?

On 09Jul2018 0803, Cosimo Lupo wrote:
> If one goes to httWhps://www.python.org/downloads 
> <https://www.python.org/downloads>?from a Windows browser, the default 
> download URL is for the 32-bit installer instead of the 64-bit one.
> I wonder why is this still the case?
> Shouldn't we encourage new Windows users (who may not even know the 
> distinction between the two architectures) to use the 64-bit version of 
> Python, since most likely they can?

The difficulty is that they *definitely* can use the 32-bit version, and 
those few who are on older machines or older installs of Windows may not 
understand why the link we provide didn't work for them.

 From the various telemetry I've seen (and I work at Microsoft, so I 
have better access than most :) ), there is still enough 32-bit Windows 
out there that I'm not confident enough with "most likely". I haven't 
checked any location data (not even sure if we've got it), but I'd guess 
that there's higher 32-bit usage among less privileged countries and people.

I've thought a bit about making a single installer that can offer the 
option of 32-bit/64-bit at install time, but I don't actually think it's 
that big a problem to deserve that much effort as a solution.

Perhaps we should add non-button text below the button saying "Get the 
64-bit version"?