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[Python-Dev] Time for 3.4.9 and 3.5.6

On 09.07.2018 1:32, Larry Hastings wrote:
> On 07/08/2018 10:05 AM, Ivan Pozdeev via Python-Dev wrote:
>> I'll use this opportunity to remind you that 3.4 build is broken -- 
>> it can't be built from start to installer with the instructions given 
>> because of outside factors (CPython has migrated from Hg to Git). 
>> https://bugs.python.org/issue31623 about this was ignored (see 
>> https://bugs.python.org/issue31623#msg303708 for supplemental fixes).
>> If this isn't something considered needing a fix, the claim that 3.4 
>> is supported in any shape and form is but a pretense -- if something 
>> can't be built, it can't be used.
> By "3.4 build is broken", you mean that building the installer is 
> broken on Windows.? Sadly the maintainer of that installer is no 
> longer part of the Python community, and as a Linux-only dev I have no 
> way of testing any proposed change.

Not only that, building the binaries is also broken as per 
https://bugs.python.org/issue31645 (that's one of the aforementioned 
"supplemental fixes").

> More importantly, 3.4 is in security-fixes-only mode, which means that 
> changes that aren't security fixes won't be accepted.? Fixing this 
> would not be a security fix.? So even if the patch was clean and 
> well-reviewed and worked perfectly I'm simply not going to merge it 
> into 3.4.? The 3.4 tree is only going to be in security-fixes mode for 
> another eight months anyway, after which I will retire as 3.4 release 
> manager, and 3.4 will no longer be supported by the Python core 
> development community at all.

I kinda don't see a point of claiming any kind of support and doing any 
work if the codebase is unusable. All that achieves is confused users 
and wasted time for everyone involved.

If you "a Linux-only dev" and no-one is going to look at the Windows 
part, why not just say clearly that this version line is not supported 
outside Linux?
I'm okay with that (what is and isn't supported is none of my business). 
At least, there won't be a nasty surprise when I rely on the team's 
claim that the code is workable, and it actually isn't -- and another 
one when I go for the trouble to provide a fix, and is told that I'm a 
troublemaker and has just massively wasted my and everybody else's time 
as a thanks.

Besides, that'll be a reason to officially close all still-open tickets 
for 3.4/3.5 (there are about 2000 that are mentioning them) regardless 
of the topic (I've checked that none are currently marked as security 

> As pointed out in that bpo issue: if the problem is entirely due to 
> switching from "git" to "hg", then you should have very little 
> difficulty working around that.? You can use a git-to-hg bridge, or 
> create a local-only hg repo from the 3.4 tree.? That should permit you 
> to build your own installers.? I'm a little sad that the 3.4 Windows 
> installers no longer build directly out-of-tree without such a 
> workaround, but sometimes that's just what happens with a Python 
> release three major releases out of date languishing in 
> security-fixes-only mode.
> //arry/
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