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[Python-Dev] On the METH_FASTCALL calling convention

I don't know Serhiy's idea about how METH_FASTCALL | METH_KEYWORDS
calling convention can be improved in the future.

When I reading PEP 580, I liked your Py PyCCall_FastCall signature.
Maybe, one way to improve METH_FASTCALL | METH_KEYWORDS can be this.
kwds can be either tuple or dict.


Anyway, if we don't make METH_FASTCALL | METH_KEYWORDS public for now,
can we continue both PEPs without exposing keyword arguments support?

For example, PEP 576 defines new signature:

typedef PyObject *(*extended_call_ptr)(PyObject *callable, PyObject** args,
                   int positional_argcount, PyTupleObject* kwnames);

`PyTupleObject *kwnames` can be `PyObject *reserved` and "should be NULL always"
in document?

PEP 580 is more simple.  Keeping CCALL_KEYWORDS private.

I think Cython is the most important user of these PEPs.  And Cython creates
functions supporting keywords easily, like Python.  So this can be worthless...

INADA Naoki  <songofacandy at gmail.com>