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[Python-Dev] Assignment expression and coding style: the while True case

[Victor Stinner]
> > I propose to start the discussion about "coding style" (where are
> > assignment expressions appropriate or not?) with the "while True"
> > case.

[Steven D'Aprano]

> We don't even have an official implementation yet, and you already want
> to start prescribing coding style? We probably have months before 3.8
> alpha comes out.
> I appreciate your enthusiasm, but what's the rush? Give people a chance
> to play with the syntax in the REPL before making Thou Shalt and Thou
> Shalt Not rules for coding style and making wholesale changes to the std
> lib.

I'm all in favor of what Victor is doing:  looking at how this stuff will
work in actual code.  That's a great antidote to the spread of theoretical

Wholesale changes to the std lib are unlikely to happen regardless.  Broad
patches just to spell things differently without _need_ are discouraged.

> This topic has been argued and argued and argued on two mailing lists
> for over four months.

Which is why I strongly welcome looking at code instead.  A few people have
already noticed that some of Victor's changes aren't actually disasters ;-)

> Let's take a couple of weeks to catch our breath,

wait for the implementation to actually hit the 3.8 repo, before trying
> to prescribe coding style or thinking about which parts of the std lib
> should be refactored to use it and which shouldn't.

The more code people look at, the better.  It won't be merged, but having
the diffs makes it all concrete.  And while I don't particularly care to
argue about coding style myself, at least that would be a _new_ thing to
argue about ;-)
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