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[Python-Dev] Examples for PEP 572

On Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 03:24:09PM -0700, Chris Barker via Python-Dev wrote:

> Over the years I've been using it (most of its life), Python has evolved to
> become much less of a "scripting" language, and much more of a "systems"
> language, and this addition is a (pretty significant) step more in that
> direction.

As I understand it, the most commonly accepted definitions are:

Systems language:
    low-level languages designed to compile down to efficient
    machine code, suitable for writing operating systems,
    device drivers, and code for embedded systems.

Application language:
    high-level language intended to insulate the programmer
    from the gory details of memory management, suitable for
    writing user-space applications.

Scripting language:
    any interpreted high-level language the speaker doesn't
    like *wink*


See also Ousterhout's (false) dichotomy:


Python is certainly not a systems language in the sense of C, Ada or 
Rust. It could be classified as an application language, like Java. And 
it still remains an awesome glue language for C and Fortran code.