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[Python-Dev] Examples for PEP 572

>> I really don't know what Guido likes best about this, but for me it's

> >> the large number of objectively small wins in `if` and `while`

> >> contexts.   They add up.  That conclusion surprised me.  That there are

> >> occasionally bigger wins to be had is pure gravy.

[Serhiy Storchaka]
> Could you please show me several examples in real code? I
> have not seen any win yet.

My PEP Appendix was derived entirely from looking at real code.  If you
don't believe the examples I showed there are wins (and I don't know
whether you've seen them, because your original message in this thread only
echoed examples from the body of the PEP), then what we each mean by "win"
in this context has no intersection, so discussing it would be futile (for
both of us).

Which is what I expect:  the treatment you gave to the examples from the
body of the PEP suggests you're determined not to acknowledge any "win",
however small.

Which is fine by me, but if so it's an extreme position.  I don't recall
anyone else over the months this has been active who claimed the PEP is
100% loss (not in its current form, or in any of its earlier forms).  Even
those who hate it passionately have argued instead that downsides outweigh
benefits - not that there are no benefits whatsoever.

So making such a claim:

> It looks to me that there is no use case for PEP 572. It just makes
> Python worse.

comes across more as trolling than sincere inquiry.  It's possible you
really can't imagine how anyone could see any benefits here.  But then, as
above,, our worldviews probably differ too much for communication to be
possible - there must be going on a thousand messages in these threads by
now, and across all these months you still have no idea why anyone would
want this?  If so, you're more an unmovable object than I am an
irresistible force ;-)
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